We are Stainlesscleans

We’re in the business of improving lives, health and businesses.


We are defined by values that go far beyond cleaning services or hygiene – making us a truly purpose-driven business


This is Our Story...

We love our world – this vibrant multicultural world, packed full of determined people with enormous energy - energy they channel for a good cause. Every day we see the synergies between people from all works of life, who passionately believe they can make a difference and add value; they drive our world forward and make it a much better place to live and work.


These women and men, boys and girls encourage themselves to be creative and support each other for their growth and progress. They understand that in doing this, the world can be better for it.


In a dynamic environment, they strive to do their best - we focus, completely, in helping to optimize this environment – keeping it positive and always clean, safe and healthy.


Wherever they are, their efforts, ideas, skills and perseverance move this world forward. Because of these men and women, the never give-ups, the non-quitters, those who dare, those who fail and try again and again and again, our world is a much better place.


So Our Story, is as much about us, as it is about You...


Today, we are supporting and connecting with people just like you, who think they can make a difference, in driving down the amount of plastic waste they create.

Now, we are by the side of companies as they make changes for cleaner indoor air quality, while also contributing to better air quality outside, with fewer lorries on the road.

We are there - advising on the steps to be taken for fewer early deaths caused by toxic air pollution.


More than just cleaning


Business. Hospitality. Two core sectors we know inside, out.

We are in the business of office cleaning for large corporates, as well as small, rapidly growing start-ups. We offer essential services for those in the world of hospitality, providing kitchen portering, alongside restaurant, kitchen and front of house cleaning.


Introducing HygieneFit

We’ve created a transformative solution – one that takes on dangerous bacteria and infections, and wins. This solution delivers a powerful environmental detox - driving down employee absences and powering productivity in the workplace, creating healthier living spaces home.


We call it HygieneFit – and it’s powered by some pretty impressive science.


Known as probiotics cleaning technology, our latest innovation, this solution puts good bacteria to work – de-toxifying without the need for nasty chemicals, acids, peroxides and caustic ingredients.


As for the result? In the workplace employees feel lighter, offices look brighter, and workers are happier, healthier and more productive. While at home, entire families benefit from a chemical-free, bacteria-free living environment.


Hygiene Fit


Interested in a cleaning service that will help your business make a real impact? As well as being great value for money, you’ll find our flexible solutions built around this ethos. We deliver the capacity for a top hygiene status and a hygienically clean and safe environment for people who support your business.


Work, that matters. Employees, who care.


As humans, we are hungry for making a difference. As employees, we strive to have meaning in our jobs. The Stainlesscleans purpose-driven model provides this deeper purpose, helping employees in being motivated and engaged with something bigger than themselves.


From one generation to another, there will always be people who crave to make a difference. You are making a difference or want to make a difference to people’s lives. Let’s achieve this together.


Let’s talk about your needs today.