How Poor Workplace Hygiene Can Undermines Your Health and Wellbeing

Written by Stainless Cleans on Monday, 19 May 2014. Posted in Workplace and Public Facilities Hygiene

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It is very disturbing to know that most of the illnesses in today’s business environment, responsible for millions of lost working hours and huge economic costs, could be avoided, especially in schools and hospitals.

Workplace environments like hospitals, schools, hotels and food houses, where infection rates are higher, must do more to encourage people to observe proper hand washing routines after using toilets in their premises. This may seem to be over emphasizing the obvious, but you will be surprised to know that so many people don’t really wash their hands properly after using the toilet.

The Role the Hands Play in Helping You Work Clean, Work Safe and Work Smart

Written by Stainless Cleans on Monday, 19 May 2014. Posted in Hand Hygiene

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Did you know that less than 12% of people wash their hands properly after using the toilet… that puts you at risk!

According to a study by the University of Arizona, a desk is capable of supporting 10 million microbes and the average office contains 20,961 microbes per square inch. The key offenders are telephones, which harbour up to 25,127 microbes per square inch, keyboards (3,295) and computer mice (1,676). By contrast, the average toilet seat contains 49 microbes per square inch.

How the Lack of Innovation in Commercial Kitchen Design Quietly Sinks Profits, Fuels Business Risk and Waste

Written by Stainless Cleans on Thursday, 15 May 2014. Posted in Food Safety and Hygiene

If the least considered aspect of running a restaurant business soon becomes an abyss that endlessly sucks in profits, then it is worth taking a note of.
When restaurants and kitchens are set up, it is often the case that very little attention is paid to cleaning and hygiene in regard to design, layout, materials and structure. Failure to get this right at an early stage is always costly. Designers, engineers, architects, suppliers and builders who are involved in building these catering businesses are often not hugely concerned about keeping business premises and equipment clean, safe and running smoothly on a daily basis.

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