Innovation in Workplace Hygiene

Smart Ways to Build Your Hygiene Story, Promote Your Brand and Grow Your Business

Written by Stainless Cleans on Thursday, 15 May 2014. Posted in Innovation in Workplace Hygiene

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If your business invests time and money in protecting its valuable customers, workforce and visitors by providing a clean, safe and attractive business environment, it is only smart to be proud of your hygiene story and advertise it.

Your customers, workforce and visitors will notice the state of your business premises in terms of how clean and hygienic it is, but they may not realise that you have gone the extra mile to care for their health and wellbeing.  The simple questions are: Are you telling the story of the extra mile you go to put their health and wellbeing first? And if you do, what does it really mean to your business? What value does it add?