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Not all kitchens are the same.
Here are 5 common reasons for poor hygiene ratings.

No documented food safety management system in place.
Whilst your premises may not be dirty if there is no documentation demonstrating that food safety is being taken seriously then there’s no immediate proof.

Failure to manage an existing food safety system.
Documenting and monitoring records such as fridge/freezer temperatures etc must be logged in regular and timely manner.

Ensure ALL your staff are trained.
Many food service businesses employ additional seasonal staff but fail to provide them with adequate training. Some small business operators are often tempted to view training for casual or seasonal staff as a waste of time and money. This is not an area for compromise so make sure EVERYONE has a copy of your food safety policy.

Poor cleaning practices due to poor layout of the premises.
Food businesses are required to have adequate lighting, ventilation, drainage and a dependable supply of hot and potable cold water with separate sinks for hand washing and food preparation. Difficult to access areas, such as behind ovens and freezers, can result in a build-up of bacteria levels and an infestation of pests.

Business owners should NEVER view food safety as an ‘optional extra’.
You must keep up to date with the current food safety legislation that relate to you so your policies remain “fit for purpose”. When customer numbers are high there could be a temptation to serve food quickly rather than safely. Having a sound policy that is diligently managed will avoid this from happening.




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