People care about whether you care for the planet


Now, more than ever, people care about companies doing their bit, and not damaging the environment in which we all must live. Which is right about where this cleaning service comes in.


You see, all of our services are defined by innovation. By selecting the right technology, you can help your teams work in a healthy, happy environment, while still helping the environment outside your window. Our solutions help you stay cleaner, safer and healthier – without the need to increase toxic air pollution, plastic waste and further contaminate or pollute in-door air quality.


The research is clear – companies benefit greatly when they take proactive steps for minimising the impact they have on the environment. In today's ultra-competitive world, with a planet buzzing with noise of social media and instant communication, people that support your business have access to a wealth of information and choice – it’s critical to make sure that they keep choosing you.


This unwavering focus on eco-friendly cleaning extends to the services included within The Cleaner Plus Plan such as office cleaning, and hospitality support services such as kitchen portering, alongside restaurant, kitchen and front of house cleaning




What's in it for you?


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