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For family life and working life


HygieneFit is a cleaning system that uses probiotic cleaning technology and innovative hygiene solutions to help people and businesses live and work in a cleaner, safer and healthier environment, ultimately eliminate infection, cross-contamination and improves end-user safety and indoor air quality.


HygieneFit is a revolutionary safe cleaning system, bringing a unique progression to infection control practices in living and workspaces.


Not only does it create a safer, cleaner, healthier environment, but it also protects and preserves your assets and infrastructure - helping to reduce wear, tear and the need for repairs, replacements and maintenance.

HygieneFit is capable of delivering more tangible cost-savings by dramatically reducing sickness in the workplace - driving health and productivity, driving profitability.


A Cleaning System – Powered by some pretty impressive science.


HygieneFit ensures that beneficial bacteria remain active on and in the surface after application - continuously removing stubborn soiling and naturally competing with, overtaking and preventing the re-establishment of harmful micro-organisms. This innovation in cleaning technology results in an ACTIVE HYGIENE ZONE.


This leap brings a unique progression to infection control practices in the home and in the workplace - offering peace of mind to families, business owners, managers and their teams,


This is revolutionary cleaning, powered by good bacteria, completely free from bleaches,

peroxides, acids and caustic ingredients.

This is clean office living for healthier workers, and healthier living space for happier families.


Who can use HygieneFit Cleaning System?


HygieneFit – A Solution Made for...


At home or in business, and even in places with the heaviest of footfall, HygieneFit detoxes, cleans and protects. Businesses in these sectors can use HygieneFit in their offices, front and back of house:


  • Media and Advertising
  • Technology and Legal services
  • Financial Services and Consultants
  • Charity and Education
  • Property Managing Agents
  • Retail and Healthcare
  • Transport and Event Arenas
  • Catering and Hospitality
  • Leisure, Sport and Entertainment


HygieneFit is the only cleaning system you’ll ever need to protect your team from harmful micro-organisms - for a workplace that looks as clean as it is healthy.


The Many Compelling Benefits of HygieneFIt


  • Drastically reduce in-door air pollution and its devastating effects on health and skin-health
  • Effective control and prevention of infections and odours within living & workspaces
  • Eliminate the room for bacterial resistance
  • Prevents the growth of harmful micro-organisms on frequently touched hard surfaces and facilities
  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaners that remains effective long after application
  • Systematically remove the need for deodorants and odour masking agents from washroom
  • Eliminate the chances of toxic cleaning chemicals finding its way into your system
  • Be confident that your cleaning solution: Is better for your health | makes you’ll feel lighter | allows for more energy | support better productivity


It should be you that’s thriving in your space. Not the Elements.


Ready to bring HygieneFit into your SPACE? Request a Quick Quote

  • No bleaches
  • No peroxides
  • No acids
  • No caustic ingredients
  • No harsh & toxic chemicals

Simply safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaners & degreasers

Safe and health- friendly cleaning tools & applications

Every business has its own requirements and specifications which is why we don’t have a one-size-fits-all pricing. What we provide is a clear and concise pricing for this cleaning solution tailored to your individual needs. Our pricing includes:


For A Fully Managed Cleaning Service

  • A flat rate that is charged per hour
  • Price covers:
    • Operatives
    • Supervision
    • Audits and quality control
    • The Cleaning System


For HygieneFit Cleaning System Kits

  • HygieneFit Cleaning System Kits [coming soon]


For A Fully Managed Cleaning Service

Since most living and workspaces are constantly under attack from germs, dirt and dust, pollution, so the risk of contamination is quite high. Including poor indoor air quality. Individuals and businesses are looking for a way to live and work in a cleaner, safer and healthier environment without the high-price TAG and doing damage to the wider environment.

They request to use HygieneFit Cleaning System.

Pretty almost any environments can use our safe cleaning system.


The Solution:

For A Fully Managed Cleaning Service

  1. We first carry out a site survey.
  2. Draw up a 360 list of floor-space connecting of all working areas and equipment within the workspace
  3. Identify all germy hot spots, frequently-touch hard surfaces and all high priority hygiene areas.
  4. Next, create a tailored cleaning plan [based on survey, requirements and specification].
  5. Cleaning plan include practical strategies to consistently eliminate -The elements
  6. Create a tailored quality control. This include - monitoring hygiene status, Odour - bacterial activities, making sure zero harsh chemical entering your space + Keep hygiene reports
  7. Introduce the cleaning team- HygieneFit Workspace Hygienist [that’s what HygieneFit cleaners are called]
  8. Your Safe Cleaning STARTS
  9. Welcome to a healthy environment

Here is a list of HygieneFit cleaning system Kits coming soon.


ListHygieneFit cleaning system Kits
1. HygieneFit
Multi-Purpose Hard Surface Biocleaning Kit
2. HygieneFit
Car Interior Hard Surface Biocleaning Kit
3. HygieneFit
Spot Carpet Deep Cleaning Kit
4. HygieneFit
Upholstery Deep Stain Cleaning Kit
5. HygieneFit
Drain Cleaning and Maintenance Kit
6. HygieneFit
Exterior Hard Surface Cleaning Kit
7. HygieneFit
Carpet & Upholstery Deep Cleaning Shampoo Kit
8. HygieneFit
Urinal Smell & Scale Build-Up Biocleaning Kit
9. HygieneFit
Superior Non-Acid Based Descaling Kit
10. HygieneFit
Sanitary Waste Bin Natural Treatment Kit


Interested in any of these Kits coming soon?

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From one to multiple sites. Volume is very low.

HygieneFit Cleaning System will look after you, because your health, happiness and prosperity matter...