Responsible Cleaning

by Stainlesscleans



Responsible Cleaning goes far beyond your workspace,
to care about the wider world


Using lean resources and sustainable cleaning methods, Responsible Cleaning creates and maintains a clean, safe and healthy indoor space, while also contributing to making the outdoor space which we all depend stay cleaner, safer and healthier.


Responsible Cleaning Doesn’t Just Improve Your Space.
It also Improves Lives.


The Air is Toxic – in OUR City

Toxic air pollution kills more than 9,000 Londoners annually - and 38,000 people in the wider UK


Responsible Cleaning...

  • Uses super-concentrate, multi-purpose cleaners which are diluted only at point of use
  • Requires fewer deliveries, and fewer trucks on our roads
  • All of which means less traffic, less toxic air pollution, and fewer early deaths



The Waters are Polluted – in OUR City

35 million single-use plastic bottles are disposed of in the UK EVERY SINGLE DAY - just 7-9% are recycled. 91% goes to landfill, gets burned or ends up in the sea where it will take 450 + years to biodegrade.


Responsible Cleaning

  • Uses super-concentrate, multi-purpose cleaners which are diluted only at point of use
  • Uses fewer single-use plastics
  • Results in less plastic waste to landfill & less general packaging waste



Too Many of Us Die from Infectious Diseases and Cross-Contamination

7% of all deaths in the UK are due to infectious diseases, costing the UK economy £30bn annually


Responsible Cleaning...

  • Uses only approved & certified cleaner sanitisers
  • Results in fewer infectious diseases
  • Drives down the costs associated with infectious diseases for individuals, businesses, the NHS, and the economy



Our Workplaces Suffer from Poor In-Door Air Quality

Indoor air pollution can be up to 5 X worse than outdoor air...

Harsh cleaning chemicals are a major contributor to poor in-door air quality


Responsible Cleaning...

  • Uses only non-toxic cleaners & degreasers
  • Has a zero-tolerance policy on harsh cleaning chemicals including bleaches, peroxides, acids & caustic ingredients in the workspace



We Are Becoming Resistant to Antibiotics, While Infectious Diseases are Spread

Up to 80% Of All Disease-Causing Illness Is Spread By HAND


Responsible Cleaning

  • Practises regular, thorough handwashing to prevent avoidable infections that lead to prescriptions & antibiotics use
  • More hand washing. More correct hand drying. Less germs.
  • Better food safety


Responsible Cleaning. It benefits People, Businesses, AND The environment.



The Compelling Benefits of Responsible Cleaning.


Responsible Cleaning

  • Helps businesses in driving down the amount of plastic waste they create
  • Supports cleaner indoor air quality
  • Contributes to better outdoor air quality, with fewer lorries on the road
  • Reduces early, toxic air-related deaths
  • Reduces the impact of workspace contamination & infection
  • Helps maintain Top Hygiene Status consistency in the workspace
  • Uses lean & sustainable means



Clean Your Space and Make A Positive Impact


Our Responsible Cleaning system requires near zero effort and low cost on your part – and it makes a positive impact instantly.

Good things come to businesses that improve lives and the environment – such as attracting the attention of increasingly green-aware consumers - such as making a positive impact in today's ultra-competitive world.

With a planet buzzing with the noise of social media and instant communication, people that support businesses have access to a wealth of information and choice – they want to know if the business they support is positively impacting society and the environment around them.



GOOD Things Come to Businesses Who Care



YOU... a business

...invest in a business in a business a business


TODAY, same as yesterday and tomorrow, that business and its premises get CLEANED.

That’s good, isn’t it?

But what if that same cleaning was Responsible?

What if that cleaning helped to...




Reduce the number of people killed each year

up to 40,000 across the UK die early from toxic air annually, includding 9,000 Londonder.


Reduce the dangerous levels of plastic waste pollution...

35 million bottles of single-use plastic are disposed of in the UK EVERY DAY - just 7-9% are recycled.

with less than 9% of plastic recycled so 91% goes to landfill, gets burned or ends up in the sea where it will take 450 + years to biodegrade


Reduce the 7% of all deaths in the UK that are due to infectious diseases

Which costs the economy around £30bn


Fight against food contamination...

According to the Food Standards Agency, food contamination causes millions of upset stomachs each year - causing well over 10 million lost working days annually, plus knock-on effects and additional costs

Surprisingly, the study found that most of the pathogens responsible for this food contamination could be easily prevented


Reduce the leading cause of the spread of disease...

80% of all disease-causing illness is spread by HAND - causing many infections that lead to the overuse of prescriptions & antibiotic use.

This fuels the amount of antibiotics people need - leading to the rise in antibiotic resistance across the UK.





Businesses in most sectors will benefit from Responsible Cleaning including:

  • Catering and Hospitality
  • Leisure, Sport and Entertainment
  • Media and Advertising
  • Technology
  • Legal Services
  • Financial Services and Consultants
  • Charity
  • Education
  • Property Managing Agents
  • Retail
  • Healthcare


  • Office Cleaning
  • Front of House Cleaning
  • Kitchen Deep Cleaning
  • Cleaning for Hospitality
  • General Workplace Cleaning



Your business can start to benefit from Responsible Cleaning today.



Whether you are

  • A new or an existing business
  • A business that has just moved location
  • A business with in-house cleaning or contract cleaning

If you work in one of these sectors and are responsible for cleaning and hygiene, the Responsible Cleaning system can help your business make a real impact - you’ll find it flexible and great value for money.



YES! I'm interested in improving lives and the environment,