Kitchen Porter Services

Having difficulty keeping staff you spent time training up to the cleaning standards you expect?


Busy kitchens are notoriously difficult to keep clean. Stainlesscleans offer a kitchen porter service to save chefs from pulling their hair out when your support staff struggle to keep up with the pace of your busy restaurant.


At Stainlesscleans, we provide the hardworking, capable and experienced kitchen porter staff who can help your business run as smooth as clockwork. Each member of our team is fully trained in COSHH and Health & Safety.


With no hidden costs and high-quality workers who enjoy what they do, our service makes sure you are always operating at optimum capability – whatever the situation.


Not only that, we’re offering a unique opportunity to help save a chunk of your cleaning budget - a generous 12 to 24 months’ FREE supply offer on cleaning chemical products!


If you want to work with reliable kitchen porters in London and save money, don’t miss out on our great offer and call us today!

  • FREE monthly hygiene audit, report and certificate of clean
  • FREE monthly hygiene status inspection, reporting, filing & certificate issuance
  • FREE monthly pest activities monitoring
  • Tailored quality control

Every business has its own requirements and specifications which is why we don’t have a one-size-fits-all pricing structure. What we provide is a clear and concise pricing for our cleaning services tailored to your individual needs. Our pricing structure includes:


  • A flat rate that is charged per hour
  • Price covers:
    • Cleaners or kitchen porters
    • Supervision
    • Audits and quality control
    • Administration and insurance
  • You are guaranteed:
    • No extra charges
    • No hidden costs or surprise charges


Stainless Cleans frequently give special discounts and concessions to businesses using our cleaning services including new business and group contracts.


Special Discounts And Concessions:


  • Special discounts are processed on the base-rate per hour for the services required.
  • We are happy and quick to inform any enquirer once they qualify for any of these special discounts and concessions.
  • Concessions may include flat rate, fixed rate, free cleaning etc.



The pressure to constantly recruit, train and retain kitchen porters in order to maintain a profitable degree of consistency and stability in the kitchen is a huge burden for many restaurant operators. Kitchens need kitchen porters to demonstrate a high level of reliability, multi-tasking and food safety knowledge. They require managed support services that work with them to ensure the highest hygiene standards are adhered to. We are able to provide this much needed support.



The Solution:

    1. We first carry out a site survey
    2. Draw up a 360 list of floor-space connecting of all areas and equipment within the kitchen
    3. Identify all high traffic section and equipment and high priority hygiene hot spots
    4. Next, create a tailored services delivery plan [based on survey, requirements and specification]. Plan covers –
      • What to do [Tasks]
      • When to do them
      • How to do them
      • Who does what
      • What materials to use
      • Frequency of work
    5. Delivery plan include practical steps to consistently keep walls, floors and equipment clean before, during and after service
    6. Create a tailored quality control. This include
      • Monitoring hygiene status of each working section and equipment
      • Pest activities
      • Odour - bacterial activities are mostly responsible for persistent odour
      • Health and Safety risks -ensure all health and safety procedures relating to each task are duly observed
      • Hygiene rating, reports and certification
    7. Set up the cleaning team. Fully trained on client’s requirements and expectations including health and safety
    8. Draw up tailored cleaning products list
    9. Support for effective hand hygiene culture
    10. Ready to START
From one site to multiple sites
Service is tailored and delivered according to your needs and specification.
You can now easily secure and maintain a Top Hygiene Status all day long, all year round.