WalkinTalkinLemon Hand Hygiene Health-Check

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Area of Use

Product Description

How it Works

Hygiene Health-Check is ideal for:
  • Restaurant kitchen
  • Bar kitchen
  • School kitchen
  • Office kitchens
  • Any commercial kitchen

The DIY Hand Hygiene Health-Check is designed to help you run a super quick hand hygiene health-check for your business.



help you


  • Create a healthier workplace environment.
  • Battle the rise in antibiotic resistance


If you knew that…

80% of all disease-causing

illness is caused by HAND,

you would have had a hand hygiene strategy for your business, YESTERDAY.



Many diseases are spread in the workplace by not washing hands with - soap + clean running water + drying hand properly.

- let’s make sure your office or workplaces is not one of them.


Here Health-Check will focus attention on high priority hand hygiene factors only. They include:


  • Policy & culture
  • Hand Hygiene Facilities
  • Hand Hygiene Training
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Stickers/Signage
  • Download this tool
  • Print out
  • Fill & Navigate your business premise with it
  • Conduct a DIY inspection of your premises
  • Inspection is done

If you can see it, you probably can fix it!