WalkinTalkinLemon Kitchen Hygiene Health-Check

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Area of Use

Product Description

How it Works

Hygiene Health-Check is ideal for:
  • Restaurant kitchen
  • Bar kitchen
  • School kitchen
  • Office kitchens
  • Any commercial kitchen

The DIY Kitchen Hygiene Health-Check is designed to help you undertake active monitoring of your kitchen.



help you


  • Remain vigilant against any declining good hygiene standards
  • Make processes, controls, and actions relating to food compliance easier to implement

Managements of hospitality businesses often have good intentions to provide a hygienically clean, safe food environment. They face tough working conditions in a demanding industry, made harder with the complexities of running a food business.

With thousands of UK catering and hospitality businesses struggling to achieve the 2-star rating while hundreds are earning 0 hygiene rating according to Food Standards Agency.

- let’s make sure you’re not one of them.


Here Health-Check will focus on high priority cleaning/hygiene sections only. They include:


  • Pot Wash Area
  • Dish Wash Area
  • Food Wash Area
  • Food Prep/Cooking Area
  • Canopy & Filters Area
  • Dry Store Area
  • Waste Bin Area



will check for:

  • Spillages
  • Dirt & grime
  • Dust & cobwebs
  • Food waste
  • Stagnate water




  • Frequently touched hard surfaces sanitised
  • High traffic sections & equipment frequently cleaned
  • Wet floor signs
  • Broken electricity cable & sockets
  • Mice dropping
  • Flies| general pest activities
  • Odour| smell
  • Download this tool
  • Print out
  • Fill & Navigate your business premise with it
  • Conduct a DIY inspection of your premises
  • Inspection is done

If you can see it, you probably can fix it!