WalkinTalkinLemon Office Hygiene Health-Check

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Area of Use

Product Description

How it Works

Audit is ideal for:

Businesses with offices in these sectors

  • Media and Advertising
  • Technology and Legal services
  • Financial Services and Consultants
  • Charity and Education
  • Property Managing Agents
  • Retail and Healthcare
  • Catering and Hospitality
  • Leisure, Sport and Entertainment


Rapidly growing start-ups office &


  • General businesses

The DIY Office Hygiene Health-Check is designed to help you run a super quick hygiene health-check for your office


help you


  • Avoid creating safe havens for germs.
  • Remain vigilant against any declining hygiene standards
  • Ensure dirt and infection don’t pose a risk to health and productivity


Research shows that workplace and office environments are constantly at risk from germs, dirt, bugs and viruses of all sorts. It can be dangerous to assume that just because your office looks tidy that means it’s free from germs that have the potential to knock hard-working employees off their feet.


- let’s make sure your office or workplaces is not one of them.


 Here Health-Check will focus on high priority cleaning/hygiene sections only. They include:

  • Reception Area
  • Common Area
  • Workspace Area
  • Meeting Room Area
  • Staff Room Area
  • Kitchen Area
  • Dining Area
  • Washroom Area [Basic]



will check for:


  • Spillages
  • Dirt & grime
  • Dust & cobwebs
  • Food waste
  • Stagnate water


  • Frequently touched hard surfaces sanitised
  • High traffic sections & equipment frequently cleaned
  • Broken electricity cable & sockets
  • Mice dropping
  • Flies| general pest activities
  • Odour| smell
  • Download this tool
  • Print out
  • Fill & Navigate your business premise with it
  • Conduct a DIY inspection of your premises
  • Inspection is done

If you can see it, you probably can fix it!